First Facebreaker Highlights

Posted September 7th, 2008 at 3:30 pm

Once I get more time in with Facebreaker I’ll post up my full impressions but I wanted to get up some highlight clips for everyone to check out. The game includes the ability to upload the videos to the EA Sports World website. You can do this when playing with any of the characters including your created ones. Unfortunately this option isn’t available for online matches.

After the fight is over you have the opportunity to check out the available replays. It lists a set of different events from the fight to choose from which vary in length. In some ways this works as important moments may make the list but there are also instances where interesting sequences don’t for whatever reason. I also don’t like that you have to load into each one without having much of an idea of what the clip is actually of. It can end up being a time consuming process as you load in and out of various highlights in trying to find the one you want and may not even be sure is there to begin with.

This represents the first time the EASW highlights have included sound as well as the ability to change the camera angle. That will continue for upcoming titles such as NBA Live 09 where you’ll even begin to get some basic editing tools. Facebreaker does get its own allocation of video slots (six of them) so you wouldn’t be deleting ones from other games when they are uploaded.

Continue on to check out my first six Facebreaker highlight clips.