Ongoing NCAA Basketball 09 Community Event

Posted September 9th, 2008 at 8:33 pm

EA Sports is currently hosting a community event for NCAA Basketball 09. Community manager Marcus Stephenson is running a live blog of the event on EA Sports World which stretches through tomorrow. You can check that out here for the first day and for day two here.

Things have been puzzling surrounding this title. It is two months prior to releasing and the game hasn’t been officially announced. No news has been made available on it, not even the cover athlete. In fact the game isn’t even in the system for retailers and can’t be pre-ordered. While some good info should come out of this event when that will happen is still even unknown due to likely NDAs.

Certainly because of this speculation has started as to why that may be the case. With no competition there isn’t necessarily the pressure to push the game early, but at the same time it would seem as though they’d want to work on winning over the College Hoops castaways. It isn’t quite the same as 2K not having shown gameplay of NBA 2K9 a month out because they have an established history of delivering up to their fans expectations. NCAA Basketball in more than just a name is starting from scratch.