First EASHL Videos

Posted September 13th, 2008 at 10:26 am

I went ahead and recorded videos of some of the games. Joining me (#31) was Will Kinsler aka Raczilla of EA Sports (#29), Damon Peterson of Madden Planet (#16), and Vince Waller aka Nix who helps me with the site (#5). I’ll have more to put up over the next few days but wanted to get at least a full game for everyone to watch now. I’ve also got two highlights from EASW with the only goal I’ve scored and an assist to Rac for his goal. Both came in the same game within the span of about two minutes and we haven’t scored other than those instances.

Despite none of us being hockey fans we had a blast. You’ll see that each player has a different colored indicator above their head. We found that the purple and blue could be a little tough to distinguish but they are sufficient other than that. Also the camera makes it difficult to keep track of the action or find the puck at times. But regardless of those things it was just flat out fun. Make sure to check out my initial impressions from last night as well as continue leaving gamertags if you’d like to join the club.

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