EASHL Tonight

Posted September 19th, 2008 at 7:41 am

Anyone who’d like to take part in some Pasta Padre EASHL action can hop on tonight at about 6PT/9ET. I’ll probably be on for a couple hours and I have some more invites to send out this afternoon as well. It was fun on Tuesday night despite not coming away with a win.

One discussion that was had during the games on Tuesday regarded a few quick improvements that could be made to make the mode better. Hopefully they’ll be able to patch these in or fix them server side because they are simple but would go a long way. Those are forcing dark vs white jerseys (several times now we’ve gotten into the game only to realize we were playing white on white or dark on dark) as well as locking in the colored pyramids by position. Right now that is random so even if you play LW every game the color changes from game to game which can be confusing.

Also wanted to mention that a Pasta Padre club has been set up on the PS3. While I’m not heading this up (Drebo87 is) if you leave your PSN name in the comments he’ll send you an invite.