Is Spectator Mode Still Desired?

Posted September 23rd, 2008 at 7:06 pm

Over the past few years the idea of a spectator mode has generated a lot of interest. Other games have implemented it successfully though it is difficult to gauge how much it is utilized. The thought with a sports game would be how it would allow you to watch important games between friends, watch league games which could even be for the purpose of scouting, and just jumping in other highly anticipated match-ups.

While playing NHL 09’s EASHL it hit me that the game already had a form of spectator mode built in. When penalized and in the box you just sit there and watch. Now it isn’t the best perspective to watch a full game from so they would need to add at least one different camera angle, but essentially the ability to sit in a game is already there. EA has stated that they are looking to get spectator mode built in to games such as Madden in the future. Knowing that NHL somewhat has it already can lead you to believe we are getting closer to that being realized.

With having the ability to upload video highlights and screenshots I’ve started to wonder if spectator mode is as desired as it used to be. Obviously most people get the game to play but there are occasions where just watching one as it is played could be appealing. Are there those of you out there who would spend time spectating games?