Want Your EASW Highlight To Make The Top 10?

Posted October 23rd, 2008 at 3:02 pm

While the videos for the highlight contest will be up for voting on this weekend, there is another way to get attention for your favorite game clips. As mentioned a while back EA Sports World has a weekly Top 10 countdown with commentary by the Thompson Brothers. One of the initial complaints was that the clips weren’t that great…that they were too focused on offense, or spotlighted ridiculous events like Eli Manning stiff-arming guys down the field.

So here is an opportunity to put your clips in front of the person who chooses them. In the forums you can find threads for Madden 09, NCAA Football 09, NBA Live 09, and NHL 09. In those threads you can post links to the videos you think are worth consideration. The EA rep responsible for choosing the Top 10 each week will be stopping by on a regular basis for discussion and to check out the videos.