MLB Front Office Manager Interview

Posted November 5th, 2008 at 6:49 am

Ever since the announcement of MLB Front Office Manager nearly a month ago there has been some good initial info provided along with a batch of screenshots. It has actually been outside of 2K Sports’ M.O. to have this much about a game out this early, with the release date not coming until late January.

The details on the game continue with Jon Robinson of ESPN having an interview with producer Edwin Loo. A bunch of topics are discussed at length. If you have any interest in the game it is well worth checking out.

We embarked on this because we’re baseball enthusiasts and we wanted to make a game that was really deep, really authentic baseball. To do this, we built a brand new sim engine. This engine has not been used in any of the other 2K games. Instead of season stats, where past baseball games only take into account the past season, we have career stats. We have all the stats for all MLB players throughout their careers. This way, our sim engine can put together logic so that if Dan Haren is matching up against Ryan Braun, if they had faced each other in previous years, they would have a history, and we could put that into our sim engine to get a pretty accurate outlook of what that at bat is going to look like.

With how much NCAA Football’s Online Dynasty has changed my outlook on sports gaming I’m especially interested in the Online Fantasy mode. It definitely won’t be a traditional experience but does sound as though it has a lot of potential. More details of Online Fantasy can also be found within the interview.