NCAA Basketball 09 Top Rated Players

Posted November 5th, 2008 at 2:09 pm

With the demo for NCAA Basketball due out tomorrow (approximately 2am PT for the 360, 3pm PT for the PS3) here is the always fun to discuss first look at player ratings. Game Cinema HD has lists of the top 20 players at each position and their overall rating.

I expect the initial reaction will be that the numbers are strikingly low. However make sure to take into consideration that now with the NBA Live engine there are a ton of ratings categories that factor into an overall. Players can be effective at what they do well based on the individual categories, where the overall just tends to show more along the lines of how well rounded they are. Still there are sure to be some arguments as to those who is over/underrated and being placed ahead or behind other players in the ratings.

With college games the player ratings are generally static since companies aren’t allowed to put out regular updates as they do with the pro sports. Somehow EA got around the no roster updates by providing one with the Bracket Packs of the past two years for March Madness and hopefully they’ll continue that this year. With the EA Locker and roster sharing it makes the names and ratings relatively easy to obtain but that doesn’t do anything for those playing online who are stuck with the default rosters and absense of names being displayed.