The DNA of a Trade

Posted November 13th, 2008 at 1:48 pm

Lets look at the early returns from the Allen Iverson – Chauncey Billups swap through the latest in NBA Live 09 DNA via 365. As the year goes on it’ll display a more precise picture of how the trade changed the Nuggets and Pistons but it’s interesting to look at it even on the basis of the first couple games. Will the teams adapt more to the new player or the players to the system?

Just from looking at the team DNA from the 11/9 Rewind games you can see some slight variations in how the teams play with their new acquisitions vs how they did previously. While not drastic changes they are apparent and could be the first signs of their make-up for the rest of the season. The Nuggets saw less isolation and more spotting up while the Pistons show slightly more isolation and more spotting up with less cutting and posting up.

While Iverson and Billups aren’t going to completely change who they are that doesn’t mean we won’t see some changes in their DNA. Both players had their DNA reset following the trade which provides the opportunity to show the differences that may be attributed to joining their new teams.

Billups shows an increase in Pick and Roll ball handling which is taking the place of some isolation and posting up.

The DNA for Iverson is showing somewhat more of a shift than with Billups. He has seen half the isolation that he had previously. Considering the offense the Pistons run that is understandable. In its place he has spent more time spotting up and running off-ball screens (which was rare when he was with the Nuggets).