#9 of 2008: NFL Tour

Posted December 5th, 2008 at 10:32 am

NFL Tour is a game that, while lacking in many areas, was still a lot of fun. Tour was able to achieve the accessibility that many other arcade style titles have not been able to. It kept things simple with the control scheme and limited the amount of plays but there was still enough variety to keep things interesting. It was all about the brisk pace, constant action, and offensive prominence. Tour was designed primarily to be an enjoyable head-to-head experience and in that regard it did well.

While Tour wasn’t properly balanced what that did lead to was each game seemingly being decided on a single big play, or by which side would play the clock the best to end up with the final possession and a chance to win. Online play also ran well which resulted in some fun games including the tournament I held on the site. One thing I really look back on is how it got myself and a friend of mine playing against each other again. It had been a while since we had a game that we would go out of our way to play but Tour actually turned out to be just that. In all I ended up putting more time into Tour than I have most other sports titles this year.

No, NFL Tour isn’t this year’s The BIGS. Considering how much I played it and how much fun I got out of it I couldn’t justify leaving it out of the Top 10 though. And what would a Top 10 list be without a somewhat controversial selection?

#9: NFL Tour
#10: Tiger Woods 09