AFL May Not Be Around Much Longer

Posted December 6th, 2008 at 5:36 pm

When EA Sports decided against renewing the Arena Football licensing deal many wondered how attractive it would be to another company. We even talked about that very topic on the Waiver Wire Podcast. Considering the state of the league right now that whole discussion may be moot.

Various sources are reporting that the league is in dire straits and may be coming to an end. If not this year than next. At the root of the issue is that Platnum Equity, which had planned to invest $100 million dollars, may be changing their mind in doing so. There are also worrysome signs in the delay of the 2009 schedule releasing and that the league has not permanently seated a commissioner.

Needless to say no one is going to pursue a license for a league that is about to go under. This could lead to the currently forming United Football League becoming the secondary license for a company that wants to produce a football offering.