#8 of 2008: Blitz The League II

Posted December 7th, 2008 at 6:25 pm

I went into Blitz: The League II intrigued by the campaign mode more than anything. What I found was an interesting story with gameplay that exceeded my albeit tempered expectations. Over the top action certainly, and flawed it was, but just good enough to keep me playing through and allow for the story to be the center of the experience.

Accessibility is a central to me when trying a new game. I have to be able to transfer between different games of the same sport and be able to play them naturally. If I have to think consciously about control schemes I’ve lost focus in enjoying the game. Blitz was able to provide that accessibility as I was able to jump right in while still feeling comfortable. The tutorial videos did an excellent job in explaining the on-the-field features.

One of the best aspects of the game was the voice work. Frank Caliendo as John Madden in the booth was cool to hear although they could have used more lines from him. Jay Mohr as the agent fit right in as well. And while it did get repetitive the injury scenes were brutally cool.

Blitz: The League II is another arcade game in the Top 10 that didn’t reach the heights of The BIGS from last year. It did provide a good story with the decent over-the-top natured gameplay that would be expected. Like NFL Tour when considering the lower price point especially it was able to provide enough value and enjoyment to slide into the Top 10.

#8 Blitz: The League II
#9 NFL Tour
#10 Tiger Woods 09