#4 of 2008: FIFA 09

Posted December 17th, 2008 at 11:57 am

As I mentioned when it came to Tiger Woods, sometimes a sport has a ceiling for how much enjoyment I can get out of it. That is especially the case with those that I don’t follow like golf or in this case soccer. However FIFA 09 had the total package this year. Top notch gameplay, amazing online play, and the secondary mode in the form of Be a Pro.

What Be a Pro and Online Team Play does in a title like FIFA is constrict the scope of the game. For someone like myself that is critical. By controlling just one player I can focus on my individual goals and contribute to the team’s success. Instead of having to rely on myself to make everything happen, I can rely on teammates who are likely more knowledgable and experienced. Over time I start to improve and pick up on things.

EA Canada has done an excellent job with online play in their titles. Not only with the lag free performance but by increasing the number of options. That is seen in FIFA 09 with the Online Team Play which involves up to 20 users in a single game and a number of tournaments and competitions they run worldwide. It is an amazing experience to connect into a full OTP game and have it play as smoothly as if you were offline.

FIFA 09 is a great example of how a game can be accessible while maintaining its authenticity. The Online Team Play provided a near MMO type feel with so many users involved and that made it especially fun to participate in. Sometimes games can reach beyond the appeal of their sports. FIFA 09 was able to do just that.

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