Should MLB 2K9 Keep The Trading Cards?

Posted January 5th, 2009 at 1:24 pm


Much has been made as to what changes are needed for MLB 2K9 to improve on last years disappointing effort. While we still have no details on what 2K has in store this year, NHL 2K9 probably provides the blueprint of what to expect considering the similar circumstances. Hopefully we will get more insight into MLB 2K9 in early-mid January, though because of the release of MLB Front Office Manager the bulk of the promotion may not come until February.

What I was wondering about right now though is the overall perception of the trading card feature. This is something I was very intrigued by in MLB 2K8 but found it to be frustrating and flawed.

You couldn’t earn many cards in franchise mode because you were playing with just your team and the cards were mainly obtained by playing with a mix of teams. They were too individually based meaning you changed your strategy in attempts to earn them instead of trying to win the games naturally. You could also purchase packs of cards but they were far too “expensive” meaning very few ever were able to take advantage of that. And while a big pull was being able to put together a full team with your cards and even playing with them online, I never came even close to getting that many players and the horrible online experience would’ve ruined it anyway.

What I did like was that they attempted to implement something along the lines of 360 achievements. In theory it would encourage you to play more and reward you for doing so. It was added value that could have really taken off if the game was better and if the card system had been properly implemented and thought out.

So vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments. Are you hoping the trading card feature will be in MLB 2K9? And what improvements would you hope for if it is?