MLB FOM Fantasy League Interest

Posted January 12th, 2009 at 11:09 pm

Concern remains that there isn’t more available about MLB Front Office Manager as we now reach two weeks before the game is released. The details known about the game remain vague. A series of producer video blogs were promised but only the one from over a month ago has materialized. And the less than encouraging early review hasn’t pushed 2K to attempt changing the current perception by promoting the game.

Still though I am looking forward to it, especially when it comes to the Online Fantasy League. It is unfortunate that we don’t know what the mode will exactly entail. My guess is that it will attempt to replicate fantasy baseball. What you’ll get is the group of owners drafting for their fantasy teams. The games will be simmed and the stats delivered just as they would be in real life. Over the course of the season the owners will be able to trade and make roster moves. It has been specified that the leagues can use either rotisserie or head-to-head style.

Regardless at this point I’d like to see how many people out there might be interested in being a part of the league (probably on the 360). I would be able to feature the developments of the league on the site on a semi-regular basis and would probably look to start it up a few days after release. Feel free to post in the comments if you’re planning to get the game and if you might be looking to take part in the league. At this point I’m just gauging interest so it isn’t necessary to leave your contact info as I will have another call for that when the time nears for setting things up.