FOM Gets Hit Hard By More Reviews

Posted January 15th, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Last week it was OXM that had the first review for MLB Front Office Manager giving it a 5/10. Now the latest edition of Game Informer includes a review along with a second opinion where it received scores of 3/10 and 5/10.

After the first poor review I felt it would be important that 2K change the story by finally beginning to show the game off and lay out the specifics of it.  A similar type game in NFL Head Coach 09 did an excellent job of that. There has been nothing about the game since then though making it well over a month since anything new came out about it and leaving less than two weeks until it releases.

Unfortunately 2K has put the community in a position where there is very little to go off of which naturally forces speculation. With the lack of info, media, and no demo there isn’t much choice. So it is starting to look like Front Office Manager is one of two things:

1) The game isn’t very good as the reviewers are saying. 2K is holding back on it because they aren’t confident about the final product and are attempting to shield criticism by now showing it.

2) The reviewers are not the intended audience for this game and their thoughts may not reflect the feelings of the crowd that is interested in it. This was the case with some, but not all, reviews for Head Coach. A full online fantasy league could be what turns out to make the game and they likely haven’t even tried that mode.

While I hold out hope that it is the second option they aren’t giving much reason to think so.  It is disappointing because this has been a title I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced.