More MLB 2K9 Previews

Posted January 28th, 2009 at 6:56 am


Following the first hands-on preview two more have arrived. The big concern from these previews is that every one is mentioning issues with the framerate. After last year that is disconcerting and also bodes poorly for the prospects of online play improving.

GAMESPY: Like last year, 2K Sports is boasting a framerate of 60 frames per second for its lead baseball sim. Also like last year, MLB 2K9 didn’t back up that promise — at least in the demo we saw. As the camera panned across the field before the first game started the view was rather choppy, the playing field lacked the texture we would expect from a new baseball title, and facial renderings weren’t extremely accurate.

IGN: Unsurprisingly, 2K Sports is making some of the requisite changes and refinements that we’ve seen from so many of the sports franchises out there. Accessibility is a big part of MLB 2K9 and that means the simplification of some of the more headache inducing mechanics.

In some cases the framerate could be one of the last things to be cleaned up, but if it hasn’t been by now it is probably too late. The key will be whether 2K holds back on the videos and demo as they did last year. If they provide those then there will be some reason for confidence.