First News on Madden 2010

Posted February 1st, 2009 at 5:00 pm


The first news relating to Madden 2010 was to be announced at halftime of the Super Bowl on the brand new EA Sports Community Blog. That announcement has come and centers around discussion of new technology in the game and specifically “Procedural Awareness”.

It is my pleasure to introduce Madden’s newest piece of technology, one that is also shared within many of the EA SPORTS games, called Procedural Awareness. What is it? We’ll you’ve likely heard of “head tracking” with IK. If you haven’t, it’s a way to turn the players head around to face a target dynamically, without the need for canned animations. Well, think of Procedural Awareness (PA for short) as the “next-gen” version of head tracking. Since it is so early in the year, unfortunately I can’t show you any videos of it running in the game, but I can show some “tech demos” of sorts

You can read it in full by clicking here. Continue on to leave your thoughts in the comments and check out the videos.