Survey Gives Insight Into Plans

Posted February 16th, 2009 at 7:22 am

A survey was recently posted on EA Sports World and it turns out that it mainly focused on prospective changes coming to EASW and It appears that EASW is going to merge into a new and offer a wide array of new features.

Some of the most exciting ideas are a video mash-up tool to edit and string together highlight reels uploaded from the games, using Photo Game Face in the creation of your online avatar, and a jersey creator tool that would allow for them (and the downloading of other user’s created jerseys) to be used in the games. I’m not a big fan of putting money on the line for online gaming however which is something else that was discussed.

While it probably won’t come as a surprise some of the questions centered around monetizing particular features or potentially offering “premium” versions of them containing enhanced options. It should be stated though that surveys such as this one generally ask those type of questions and they very well may not end up charging for any of it.

So it sounds like there are some intriguing changes and feature additions coming down the line. I’ve been a big fan of the screenshot and video highlight uploading and the Top 10 videos that EA Sports World has been producing. So it is encouraging to find out that they are working towards expanding the content and features available and hopefully that’ll be in time for this year’s crop of games.