Top NCAA Football 10 Cover Athlete Candidates

Posted February 25th, 2009 at 8:00 am


With EA Sports already beginning to roll out some info on NCAA Football 2010 I thought it would be time to look at the top candidates for the cover this year. From what I’ve been able to gather EA won’t be attempting to repeat last year’s experiment of a different cover athlete for each platform. Instead it appears they are going back to the standard single cover athlete.

The only defensive player to ever be on the cover of the NCAA Football franchise was Charles Woodson and there doesn’t look to be anyone this year that has the potential of breaking the trend of offensive players receiving the honor. QBs have been selected more often than any other position by far with RBs and WRs trailing.

Continue on for my top five potential cover candidates and leave your thoughts on who should be on the cover in the comments.

1) Michael Crabtree – Texas Tech: It seems like Crabtree would be a sure thing for the cover this year but the NCAA franchise in many cases has gone away from using the most high profile player. This seems like the year when they’ll go that route though. His achievements on the field match his maturity and character off it. The only two time Biletnikoff Award winner is the most recognizable player in the draft this year.


2) Pat White – West Virginia: While he probably would’ve been in the top five White jumped a few spots after being compared to the Madden 2004 Mike Vick by Madden 10 Developer Donny Moore. In some cases the cover athletes have been known to get favorable ratings or extra attention so could that have been a sign why White was singled out? Possibly, but having his name being discussed at this point of the year is somewhat curious and solidifies him as a serious contender. White also became the first QB ever to win four bowl games which is a feat that could be touted as a theme for the year.


3) Matthew Stafford – Georgia: Many mock drafts have Stafford going #1 to the Lions in the NFL Draft. Having the top pick would mean increased exposure and the result would be beneficial in promotion of the game. If he isn’t picked first he may very well be the first non-offensive lineman taken.


4) Percy Harvin – Florida: Harvin came up big in the National Championship game despite being injured and that resulted in some increased exposure that could help his chances for the cover. I almost think though that he could be eliminated from the running because EA may be anticipating Tim Tebow for next year and wouldn’t want to set up Gators on the cover two years in a row. Despite that he earns recognition for the possibility of having a representative from the National Champs.


5) Jeremy Maclin – Missouri: I would compare Maclin to DeSean Jackson from last year in that they are both quick, explosive threats that produce both at WR and through Special Teams. Jackson transitioned well to the NFL which could bode well for Maclin’s prospects. He can represent the excitement of the sport that the NCAA Football series has especially tried to relay over the past few years.

Also received consideration: Knowshon Moreno, Chase Daniel, Graham Harrell, Aaron Curry, Mark Sanchez, Beanie Wells