Super Sim in NCAA Football 10

Posted March 6th, 2009 at 11:11 am


This week’s NCAA Football 2010 update focuses on the improvements being made to the Super Sim feature for this year. Those improvements include a new way of presenting it, proper CPU clock management, and the ability to skip plays in Campus Legend. You can read about it on the Inside EA Blog here.

I’m definitely happy to find that you’ll be able to sim through any Campus Legend plays you don’t want to participate in. I remember how annoying it was to have to cover kickoffs. This also opens up some other positions that I might be interested in playing now. On defense you usually would want to be out there on every down. But on offense with the number of plays where you’re either blocking, or just handing off the the RB, those are perfect situations that I suspect many people would prefer to skip through.