First Tiger Woods 10 Details

Posted March 12th, 2009 at 9:24 pm


Today EA Sports released the first significant details on Tiger Woods 10. That includes the addition of the USGA license, new commentary, dynamic weather, a new putting mechanic, and “tournament atmosphere”. You can read about these features at length by visiting the EA Inside Blog here and you can see a Wii MotionPlus video demonstration here.

As you hear the roar of the crowd from the next hole over, can you handle the mounting pressure while you stand over your tournament-winning putt? Expanded crowds surround every hole; adding to the tension and excitement of each shot. A first for the franchise, real-time weather will be reflected on every course, ensuring the in-game experience matches that of the current weather conditions. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 will also feature a television broadcast style presentation, which include instantaneous updates and a new announcer team of ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt and the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman.

I got a chance to check out both the Wii and 360 versions this evening and will discuss them further in the coming days. However I was especially impressed with the dynamic weather and how it will affect the matches even from hole to hole. The biggest feeling I came away with though is that the Wii MotionPlus may be a game changer in the way sports titles are perceived on the Wii. Tiger Woods 10 will be out two months earlier this year than in the past with the release coming Tuesday June 16th.