Madden Off-Season Screens Set #4

Posted March 15th, 2009 at 8:02 pm


Though things have died down since the last batch of screenshots there have still been numerous transactions made. Most haven’t been of huge significance but there are a few worth noting through the off-season screens. A couple took place soon after the last set but there were some big moves made yesterday that warranted attention.

Continue on to view the latest screens and leave your thoughts on how the players will affect their new teams as well as their Madden impact.


Laveranues Coles – Cincinnati Bengals – 4 years 28 million
Madden 09 final rating: 88


Derrick Ward – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 4 years 17 million
Madden 09 final rating: 87


Julian Peterson – Detroit Lions – Trade
Madden 09 final rating: 95


Corey Redding – Seattle Seahawks – Trade
Madden 09 final rating: 86


Joey Galloway – New England Patriots – 1 year
Madden 09 final rating: 83