NBA Live 10 To Have Custom Shot Arcs

Posted March 24th, 2009 at 12:05 pm


It is still somewhat startling to have the first info on games start to make their way out 6+ months out from release. Such is the case today when I came across the NBA Live 10 development team seeking out feedback for a new element to signature shots that will be included in the game. The goal being worked towards is to provide each player with their own custom shot arc based on how they shoot the ball in real life. You can read all about it on the Inside EA Blog here.

We’ve heard in the past from the community that our shots all look the same in NBA LIVE. Well, we’re changing that. As previously announced by NBA LIVE Designer Mike Wang we’ll have signature shot arcs in NBA LIVE 10. Our goal this year is to have every single player in the NBA with their signature shot arc type. The best example I can give you is Kobe’s low, flat shot arc. With signature shot arcs, we believe that it’ll show some real variety between different players and their jump shots.

This will be interesting cause I’m sure there are a lot of people who have grown to identify arcs that are “off” as a sign a shot is going to be missed. Now an awkward arc won’t necessarily be that indicator. I remember playing Online Team Play against the devs a while back and one discussion on our side during the game was how we could tell if the shot was going to be good or not just based on the arc. So it’s a relief to hear they have identified that as an area for improvement, taking it even a step further than we had imagined by providing players with their own custom arcs.

The Live team has stated they’ll be checking comments and postings in various places for feedback and suggestions on the shot arcs of specific players. So go ahead and leave your thoughts and examples in the comments.