Pursuit Angles in NCAA Football 10

Posted March 26th, 2009 at 11:49 am


One of the biggest gripes the community had with NCAA Football this last year was the pursuit angles taken by defensive players. In this week’s posting on the Inside EA Blog designer Russell Kiniry goes over the improvements made to pursuit angles and demonstrates with two sets of videos comparing 09 to 10. You can check out the full posting here.

We’ve really only begun to scratch the surface of this year’s game and we haven’t even hinted about a few of the biggest additions. Sadly we still are not ready to talk about them yet, but from reading all the comments and messages boards… I know one in particular will be a fan favorite. This week we are going to cover the Player Pursuit Angles and how they have improved from last year’s game.

This caps off a pretty big week for NCAA 10. It has brought the community event last Friday that should directly affect the final product and now two blogs going over different problems that have been addressed this year. It is good to see NCAA start to churn out the reasons to be excited to match with the anticipation that is building around Madden.