EA Sports Titles Coming To iPhone

Posted March 27th, 2009 at 6:22 am


This week at GDC the announcement was made that EA was bringing several of its franchises to the iPhone. Notably many EA Sports titles are planned to be released this year including Madden 10, NBA Live 10, FIFA 10, and Tiger Woods 10. IGN has a hands-on article with Tiger from their time with it at GDC.

This game looks incredibly similar to a PSP title with nary a corner cut. The golfer model was lean and mean with excellent swing animations. I was particularly curious to try out the swing mechanic though, which uses the touch screen. Instead of following an arc, you use an almost conical meter that will remind old-school gamers of the original Atari logo.

For those of you with an iPhone how well do you think these sports games can translate over? It seems that as a gaming platform the iPhone is being looked at strongly as mobile gaming platform in competition with the PSP and DS that developers are attempting to take advantage of.