Prince Fielder Cover Athlete For The BIGS 2

Posted April 7th, 2009 at 7:48 am


The first screenshot and a new trailer for The BIGS 2 is now out featuring cover athlete Prince Fielder. You can check out the full size screen in the gallery. While it has a similar look to the original The BIGS the player model of Fielder appears to be less exaggerated. The players in the game were overly stocky and large and here is Fielder, who is a big guy, and he almost looks more like you’d see him in a sim baseball offering.

Despite the two baseball games released this year by 2K I still have a great deal of enthusiasm towards what The BIGS 2 could bring. The game is scheduled to release on Tuesday July 7th placing it the week in between Fight Night Round 4 and NCAA Football 10. Continue on to watch the trailer.