NCAA Football 10: What is Teambuilder?

Posted April 10th, 2009 at 8:25 am


The NCAA Football 10 dynasty video that went up yesterday displayed the menu screen which includes a mode called Teambuilder. Probably the two most frequently requested features from the community have been for the return of Create-A-School and FCS. It has widely been expected that at least one, but probably not both, would make it in this year.

At this point it is just speculation but Teambuilder representing what has been known as Create-A-School certainly makes sense. It would be easier to market as a new feature by giving it a new name. The concern would be that there was nothing evident in the video during dynasty creation of a way to import a created team.

Also displayed is Road to Glory, which appears to be a re-branded Campus Legend. This sounds like a name that works for the individual career mode in any game. Similar to how EA Canada has its Be a Pro across all its titles, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Road to Glory as Tiburon’s with Superstar in Madden 10 receiving the new name as well.