EA Contemplating Dedicated MLS Game

Posted April 22nd, 2009 at 5:30 am


An article today discussing the success of the Seattle Sounders and the team’s sponsorship with Xbox 360 mentions that EA Sports has been in early talks to create a game for the league. MLS teams have been included in FIFA but they could potentially do a lot more with it as its own dedicated game.

We believe there’s a natural connection between our sport and their games, and there have been initial talks, very preliminary, but that’s something that both sides will have to look at.

It has been interesting to see just how successful the new franchise here in Seattle has been. When first announced I didn’t envision it as something that would become an attraction. But the crowd and excitement for the first game was crazy, all the games have sold out, and word of mouth about the experience has spread. It has been somewhat remarkable to follow the developments.

What would be the outlook for an MLS branded game? Tough to say at this point but it seems like sooner or later the league will be getting its own game.