2009 NFL Mock Draft

Posted April 23rd, 2009 at 4:24 am


With the NFL Draft only a few days away the anticipation is at a fever pitch. Over the last month I’ve been attempting to get a feel for which direction teams are headed and actually completing the Madden Mock Draft helped me along in that. Don’t forget to track the events today and submit some suggestions for questions by following me on Twitter.

Here is my full attempt at a two round mock draft. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

#1 – Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford – QB – Georgia


The Lions appear to have settled on Stafford. They need help everywhere. Getting the franchise QB though is too much to pass up. The trade for Julian Peterson took Aaron Curry out of the running. They could still surprise with Jason Smith.

#2 – St. Louis Rams – Jason Smith – OT – Baylor


Cutting Orlando Pace and Torry Holt opened up immediate holes at those two positions. The Rams would’ve needed to draft Pace’s eventual replacement anyway. Jason Smith seems like the guy unless they end up believing Eugene Monroe is the better tackle to grab.

#3 – Kansas City Chiefs – Aaron Curry – LB – Wake Forest


Some have started to think the Chiefs are leaning towards offensive tackle, Monroe or Smith whichever one would be available. I still expect Curry to be the selection. Linebacker may not be a position generally drafted this high but Curry probably has the least risk involved of anyone. His leadership, attitude, and community involvement makes for the type of player Scott Pioli built around in New England.

#4 – Seattle Seahawks – Mark Sanchez – QB – USC


Sanchez makes a lot of sense for Seattle. He can sit on the bench instead of being thrown out on the field too early. It would also free up Seneca Wallace to play WR and run some Wildcat. If it isn’t Sanchez the pick here will be Michael Crabtree.

#5 – Cleveland Browns – Michael Crabtree – WR – Texas Tech


With Braylon Edwards likely to be traded away the Browns have a need for a #1 WR. They actually need help at the position regardless of the Edwards situation. If they decide to keep Edwards and go with a different position than BJ Raji would probably be their next choice.

#6 – Cincinnati Bengals – Eugene Monroe – OT – Virginia


The Bengals offensive line is in shambles. They would be lucky to see Monroe fall to them here. Andre Smith has too many question marks and Monroe is ready to start on day one.

#7 – Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Maclin – WR – Missouri


Al Davis loves dynamic players with speed. Maclin is just that. He would be a nice target for Jamarcus Russell and could also help out in the return game.

#8 – Jacksonville Jaguars – BJ Raji – DT – Boston College


Ideally the Jags would’ve loved for one of the two receivers to fall here or to see Sanchez still available in order to tempt teams like the Broncos and Jets who would be interested in trading up for him. Raji though would provide great push for their defensive line which used to be a strength for them but is no more.

#9 – Green Bay Packers – Brian Orakpo – DE/OLB – Texas


The Packers 3-4 needs a pass rusher at OLB. Orakpo has great physical skills. He could make the type of an impact that DeMarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman did in their first seasons.

#10 – San Francisco 49ers – Aaron Maybin – DE/OLB – Penn State


Maybin can play OLB in their 3-4 where they need to produce more of a pass rush. It’s unlikely one of the top WRs or QBs would fall this far. They could also look to Andre Smith if he is still on the board.

#11 – Buffalo Bills – Brandon Pettigrew – TE – Oklahoma State


Trent Edwards has the threats on the outside with T.O. and Lee Evans. Drafting Pettigrew would provide him a big target in the middle and his blocking skills shouldn’t be discounted. After trading Jason Peters taking an offensive tackle here is a strong possibility too but they could address that at #28. Pettigrew is the best TE in the draft and probably wouldn’t last past the Eagles at #21.

#12 – Denver Broncos – Tyson Jackson – DE – LSU


Expect the Broncos to draft heavily on defense. Tyson Jackson here is a great fit as a 3-4 DE. Best case scenario is that Raji falls to them but I wouldn’t expect that to happen.

#13 – Washington Redskins – Michael Oher – OT – Ole Miss


Oher has a lot of upside but is inconsistent. This would make for a good fit in that he wouldn’t have to be rushed into action. The current starting offensive line is all over the age of 30.

#14 – New Orleans Saints – Malcolm Jenkins – CB – Ohio State


Their pass defense is still their achilles heel. Jenkins could even shift over and play safety if they decided that was the best course of action to take.

#15 – Houston Texans – Brian Cushing – OLB – USC


It’s probably too early to draft one of the safeties so the next most pressing need would be at outside linebacker. Cushing is a versatile player that would help bolster their defense.

#16 – San Diego Chargers – Andre Smith – OT – Alabama


If Andre Smith slips to the Chargers they would jump all over him. Smith used to be regarded as a top five pick but his questionable actions and weight issues caused his stock to fall.

#17 – New York Jets – Josh Freeman – QB – Kansas State


The Jets need their franchise QB and it appears they believe that could be Josh Freeman. If not than they need a wide receiver and could go with Darrius Heyward-Bey.

#18 – Denver Broncos – Rey Maualuga – ILB – USC


Denver continues to work on solidifying their defense. Maualuga would fit in nicely after getting Tyson Jackson with their earlier pick.

#19 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Peria Jerry – DT – Ole Miss


Defensive line is where the Bucs will be looking for this selection. Jerry would make for a good addition on the inside. They may also look at defensive end with someone like Michael Johnson or Robert Ayers.

#20 – Detroit Lions – Everette Brown – DE – Florida State


Since they also have the #33 pick the Lions can address two areas and aren’t forced to take an offensive lineman here. They could, but with Oher possibly gone they may look to upgrade their pass rush. Brown could play OLB but probably fits best at DE.

#21 – Philadelphia Eagles – Knowshon Moreno – RB – Georgia


Moreno would be a great fit in the west coast offense that the Eagles run. Their offense would be dangerous having him, Brian Westbook, or Leonard Weaver in the backfield at all times.

#22 – Minnesota Vikings – Eben Britton – OT – Arizona


While they could look to receiver here the smart money is on an upgrade at offensive tackle. Britton is experienced and well suited for Vikings where he would provide an immediate upgrade on the offensive line.

#23 – New England Patriots – James Laurinaitis – ILB – Ohio State


Jerod Mayo was a great selection last year. The Pats are desperate for help inside though. If Rey Maualuga fell this far he would probably be the guy, but Laurinaitis exactly fits the type of player that New England likes to draft.

#24 – Atlanta Falcons – Evander Hood – DT – Missouri


The Falcons have been looking for an impact defensive tackle for quite a while. Peria Jerry could be the choice if he’s still available, but Hood would be next on the list.

#25 – Miami Dolphins – Robert Ayers – OLB – Tennessee


Ayers stock has been rising and Bill Parcells has a history of using high picks to select linebackers. They could also look for a corner here.

#26 – Baltimore Ravens – Darrius Heyward-Bey – WR – Maryland


Derrick Mason played great last year but he’s getting up in age and the Ravens could use another threat at WR regardless. Heyward-Bey has the speed and also the height to take advantage of Joe Flacco’s arm.

#27 – Indianapolis Colts – Ron Brace – DT – Boston College


Indy would be better suited to wait on drafting a wide receiver until a later round. Improving at defensive tackle should be priority if the right one is available. Brace is one of the largest defensive lineman in the draft and is very experienced. He lined up alongside earlier draftee BJ Raji for three of their four years for BC.

#28 – Buffalo Bills – Phil Loadholt – OT – Oklahoma


After taking the TE with the earlier pick the Bills have to address tackle here. They could also choose to go with William Beatty.

#29 – New York Giants – Clay Matthews – OLB – USC


Braylon Edwards may very well have been acquired by draft day. If that’s the case OLB would probably be the upgrade they would look for. Otherwise they’ll take someone like Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt.

#30 – Tennessee Titans – Vontae Davis – CB – Illinois


They could look to fill the void left by the loss of Albert Haynesworth, but a corner would also be a good addition for the Titans. There may be more value at corner in this area of the draft.

#31 – Arizona Cardinals – Chris Wells – RB – Ohio State


The (nearing) release of Edgerrin James makes RB a priority even though it would have been regardless. Beanie Wells could be the featured back that the team is missing.

#32 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Alex Mack – C – California


The Steelers could use some upgrades all over their offensive line but in particular on the inside. They could also look to take a corner here. Mack is considered to be the best prospect at center and fits the Steelers attitude.


#33 – Detroit Lions – William Beatty – OT – UConn
Need to protect Stafford. Beatty has a lot of upside.

#34 – New England Patriots – Louis Delmas – S – Western Michigan
Delmas is the best of the safety class.

#35 – St. Louis Rams – Kenny Britt – WR – Rutgers
A nice compliment for Donnie Avery.

#36 – Cleveland Browns – Larry English – OLB – Northern Illinois
After taking Crabtree they look to address pass rush.

#37 – Seattle Seahawks – Sean Smith – CB – Utah
A tall corner to match up against Larry Fitzgerald or could transition to FS.

#38 – Cincinnati Bengals – Max Unger – C – Oregon
Continue to re-build the offensive line with Unger.

#39 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Brian Robiskie – WR – Ohio State
The Jags are desperate at WR even with Torry Holt. Robiskie is pro-ready.

#40 – Oakland Raiders – William Moore – S – Missouri
Replacement for the released Gibril Wilson.

#41 – Green Bay Packers – Jamon Meridith – OT – South Carolina
Would be a good fit in their zone blocking scheme.

#42 – Buffalo Bills – Michael Johnson – DE – Georgia Tech
The Bills attempt to address their lack of pass rush.

#43 – San Francisco 49ers – Percy Harvin – WR – Florida
Harvin slips primarily due to character and durability concerns.

#44 – Miami Dolphins – Darius Butler – CB – UConn
Fills need for a cover corner.

#45 – New York Giants – Hakeem Nicks – WR – North Carolina
They need to draft a receiver whether they get Braylon Edwards or not.

#46 – Houston Texans – Patrick Chung – S – Oregon
Could be the impact safety they need.

#47 – New England Patriots – Donald Brown – RB – UConn
Fred Taylor isn’t for the long term.

#48 – Denver Broncos – Connor Barwin – OLB – Cincinnati
Another piece to add to the defense they’re building.

#49 – Chicago Bears – Juaquin Iglesias – WR – Oklahoma
Jay Cutler needs another target at receiver and Iglesias is experienced.

#50 – Cleveland Browns – Alphonso Smith – CB – Wake Forest
Seasoned corner to improve the secondary.

#51 – Dallas Cowboys – Rashad Johnson – S – Alabama
Replacing the released Roy Williams.

#52 – New York Jets – LeSean McCoy – RB – Pittsburgh
Thomas Jones is unhappy and McCoy could infuse some excitement.

#53 – Philadelphia Eagles – Shawn Nelson – TE – Southern Miss
Replacing the departed LJ Smith.

#54 – Minnesota Vikings – Ramses Barden – WR – Cal Poly
Bernard Berrian is the speedster. Barden gives them the tall leaper.

#55 – Atlanta Falcons – Jared Cook – TE – South Carolina
Gives Matt Ryan another target.

#56 – Miami Dolphins – Pat White – QB – West Virginia
Can sit behind Chad Pennington while contributing as as receiver/returner/Wildcat.

#57 – Baltimore Ravens – Clint Sintim – OLB – Virginia
Adding depth and potential at linebacker.

#58 – New England Patriots – Duke Robinson – OG – Oklahoma
Pats will look for depth on the o-line with later picks too.

#59 – Carolina Panthers – Fili Moala – DT – USC
Desperate for help at defensive tackle.

#60 – New York Giants – RB – Andre Brown – NC State
Been climbing draft boards. Offsets loss of Derrick Ward.

#61 – Indianapolis Colts – Louis Murphy – WR – Florida
Should fit nicely along with Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez.

#62 – Tennessee Titans – Derrick Williams – WR – Penn State
Titans hope that he can develop into their #1.

#63 – Arizona Cardinals – Eric Wood – C – Louisville
Could come in and be the starter.

#64 – Pittsburgh Steelers – D.J. Moore – CB – Vanderbilt
Should go CB here if they choose o-line in the first round or vice versa.