Your UFC 2009 Impressions

Posted May 19th, 2009 at 11:48 am


With UFC 2009 Undisputed out today I’m interested in reading your thoughts on the game so far. For a first attempt it seems as though THQ really came through but there are inevitably going to be some issues. I’m most excited to try out some of the different style fighters and see which suits my style of play the best.

One issue that has become immediately apparent is that people can quit online matches without being penalized and the person who got quit on doesn’t receive the win either. I warned Jerkfacefave of this yesterday. Low and behold he was dominating his first online fight and his opponent quit on him. The game didn’t register anything…it is like it never happened. So this is a major concern for anyone who is playing ranked games online, though luckily it isn’t something that will harm our league experience.

PFC league sign-ups continue in the forum and we’re really pleased with the level of interest so far. There is no cut-off date for the league as people will be able to come in and out at their leisure depending on the fighters available. However getting signed up before Friday will give you a better chance of getting one of your preferred fighters.

I’ll be spending some time with the game late tonight and tomorrow leading up to my first impressions and HD videos.