USAF Thunderbirds in Madden 10

Posted May 25th, 2009 at 2:58 pm


Given all the news to come in the next 10 days there won’t be a Madden 10 blog next week. In its place will be the coverage coming out of E3. With that in mind lead developer Ian Cummings has just posted up a bonus blog for today following the one that went up earlier covering the run blocking improvements.

The blog covers the addition of the USAF Thuderbirds and how it came about that they would be included in the game. This is a real nice touch to the presentation adding to the feel of the big games and is an example of the type of touches this development team is adding that probably would’ve never been bothered with in the past. You can check the posting out in full here.

Hey Madden fans – just wanted to drop in with a bit of good news and show an upgrade that we’ve added to Madden NFL 10 – and that is the addition of the USAF Thunderbirds! These elite pilots make a guest appearance in our Super Bowl and Conference Championship games, buzzing over the stadium at speeds exceeding 300 mph, leaving a nice trail of smoke in their wake