Vague Road to Glory Info

Posted May 30th, 2009 at 6:15 pm


Road to Glory in NCAA Football 10 is the reinvention of Campus Legend mode with news on it being held back until late June. Knowing that, there is certainly a lot more to be detailed than what was provided in the retailer feature listing for the game which is vague and just offers a general idea of what to expect.

Settle who’s number one once and for all with NCAA Football 10. With the eyes of college football upon you, begin your Road to Glory in a fully customizable career mode featuring player progression, and authentic college football atmospheres. Against your biggest rivals and during the biggest games, bust out big-time performances week in and week out and make a case for winning the Heisman Trophy. From controlling a player’s overall progression to controlling the pace of a game, make an historic run for glory with NCAA Football 10.

  • All-New Road to Glory Mode – With gameplay focused on you, become a campus legend by dominating your rivals, making big-time plays in big-time games, and capturing college football’s ultimate individual prize, the Heisman Trophy. Use bonus points earned for solid performances to develop your skills, then continue on your quest to become college football’s biggest star.

For the most part that just sounds pretty similar to Campus Legend so we’ll have to wait for details of the mode to be laid out. The only other thing really known about the mode right now is that Erin Andrews will be playing a role in it.

Hopefully though the progression aspect has been changed up from the practice mode of old which was a complete waste of time and brought about frustration for any position that didn’t have the ball in their hands. I still look back at my article from January of 2008 on Campus Legend and Superstar as a guide of how these modes could improve. Most of the areas covered still apply even after the 09 offerings. Taking that experience online just as NHL 09 did is another aspect to consider going forward.

There is also a couple other details that had not been talked about regarding preparation for standard games.

See what may or may not work on Saturday by practicing against an opponent’s playbook during the week. Fine-tune up to 10 plays on offense in hope of having a greater chance of success when playing against live competition, or practice with Crowd Noise in an effort to replicate the game day atmosphere.