Madden 10 Brings Online Franchise

Posted June 1st, 2009 at 7:02 pm


As hoped for the big online announcement for Madden 10 was the inclusion of Online Franchise mode. Rather than if  Peter Moore would be revealing Online Franchise the main question going in centered around whether it would be as fully featured as consumers would associate with a mode by such a name. Based on the trailer shown at the EA press conference and the audience reaction it appears this will not be a let down.

Announced on stage at the EA E3 2009 press conference, Madden NFL 10 Online Franchise features a robust feature set, including live drafts, player transactions, league message boards, and more – all manageable from your console, remotely through a web browser, or via a custom iPod Touch Application. Your Madden NFL 10 Online Franchise is always just a click away.

Last year it was Online Dynasty that made NCAA Football 10. This year NCAA has the creative Teambuilder feature to add on to that. However Madden may be stealing back some of that thunder with Online Franchise. The prospect of playing within an NFL franchise mode of up to 31 other people is incredibly intriguing.

Trades and the draft sound like so much fun when competing against other users. The live elements of the Online Franchise were a hurdle that they’ve apparently overcome and done so by offering multiple ways to complete them such as drafting on the web. Essentially it could be just as easy as completing fantasy football drafts.

Don’t worry about being tied to your console for your upcoming Online Franchise live draft. You and your friends can all participate simultaneously from your game console or online, via an Internet connection and web browser. Set your depth chart while waiting in line at the grocery store, and it will automatically be updated for your next game. Have access to your Madden NFL 10 Online Franchise 24/7, 365.

If you have questions about how the mode will work leave them in the comments and I’ll address them on Tuesday and Wednesday at E3. The mode will not be playable on the floor or even reachable through menus but it is open for discussion. I have a bunch of questions in mind but would appreciate anything else that would be interesting to report back on!

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