Kobe Bryant NBA 2K10 Cover Athlete

Posted June 4th, 2009 at 3:27 am


The cover of NBA 2K10 is set to be announced tonight with Kobe Bryant taking the honors. Bryant has been on the cover of numerous other NBA games in the past most recently on SCEA’s NBA series. He averaged 26.8 ppg this season and nearly 30 ppg in the playoffs and has helped to lead the Lakers to the NBA Finals.

There is another angle to the cover announcement. There are four different versions of the cover to choose from and 2K Sports is going to let the public vote to decide which one ultimately becomes the cover beginning tomorrow. While that is a nice way to get people involved with the game it does go a step further with the options.

Recently Spike Lee did the Kobe Doin’ Work documentary and they are together again here as he will help to promote the game. However that also means that Kobe as a Knick is one of the options. If I was a Lakers fan the idea of that would probably be offensive and I suspect they won’t be happy to find out he signed off on this idea even though it has no shot of being used. Even if it were to win the vote 2K would undoubtably go with the runner-up.