Update on NCAA Football 10 Rosters

Posted June 10th, 2009 at 3:37 pm


EA has finally made a statement in regards to the rosters for NCAA Football 10 (as viewed through Teambuilder) that have been found to have serious issues. Those include teams with no or few freshman and players who have graduated that remain on the rosters.

Hey guys… so we are aware of the issue with no (or few) freshmen on some teams in TeamBuilder and yes the same issues are found on the NCAA 10 disc. Over the past few days, one of our top priorities has been investigating solutions.

The TeamBuilder teams require some data on the disc to set Depth Charts for every team created before they can be used in a game. For example if you use the Cupcake roster as a starting point, NCAA 10 will give you a default Depth Chart for the Cupcakes for your TeamBuilder team (which you can edit in game). This means any changes we make could cause some problems with teams already created using TeamBuilder. So we need to ensure we are taking to proper steps to correct the issues.

We understand the concerns with how this can affect Dynasty mode and Online Games, so we are working hard to have a solution in place before launch on July 14th.

So it sounds like this caught the NCAA developers by surprise and wasn’t a messy roster by design. How it could get by to the final version of the game without being noticed though is frustrating.

I certainly understand not wanting to lose the tens of thousands of teams that have been created since Teambuilder launched. Those represent hours of work that people have put in. At the same time the rosters in their current state could damage the experience for many.

Hopefully they find a resolution that keeps the created teams in tact while fixing the issues with the base roster. On a positive note having Teambuilder brought this problem to light six weeks in advance of the game’s release rather than finding out about it on July 14th and having to wait over a month to see a patch correct it.