UFC 2009 Dominates May Sales

Posted June 11th, 2009 at 5:10 pm


UFC 2009 Undisputed was expected to be a strong seller. The sport is on the rise, reviews and buzz were good, and the marketing was heavy. However I’m not sure if many would’ve predicted that UFC would sell over one million copies in just the 12 days it was on the market in May.

With the NPD releasing sales numbers today we found out that the 360 version moved 679,600 copies with the PS3 selling 334,400. The game obliterated everything else for the month. To put it in perspective the 1.14 million sold falls just about in the middle of what NCAA Football 09 (640K) and Madden 09 (1.64 million) sold on the 360/PS3 in their respective first months last year. So this is a significant consumer response to the UFC product.

This isn’t a game that will see a huge drop-off either because of the strong word of mouth and as the marketing push continues more consumers will take a chance on it. THQ is already working on the sequel as it appears support from UFC and the success of the game have turned it into what will now be a yearly franchise.