First Look Into NBA Live 10

Posted June 17th, 2009 at 10:54 am


Even though it had been stated that Fridays would be the official day for NBA Live 10 postings on the Inside EA Blog, the first one has arrived today. In what is basically an introduction to the game and the people working on it there is some sense of the direction for this year as well as the first screenshot featuring Lebron James (which can be viewed full size in the gallery). You can check out the full article here.

The direction this year has been about making LIVE a great playing basketball game again, while focusing on improving our in game presentation, visuals and atmosphere, getting to a never seen before level of authenticity with our players, providing you with a brand new way of playing OTP and taking Dynamic DNA to an entirely new level, both with how it impacts players and gameplay throughout the NBA season as well as how you as a connected user use it to change the way to play NBA LIVE.

Even though I’ve soured on the NBA in the past few years I’ve continued to enjoy the games, especially with the introduction of Online Team Play and having a full-fledged Be a Pro mode on the way. The introduction of 365/DNA last year was revolutionary although I didn’t feel it impacted the game to the extent that it probably could going forward. This should be a really interesting year for Live as they have had the unique features but with the right advancements to gameplay and presentation could really make a charge.