The BIGS 2 Demo Impressions

Posted June 19th, 2009 at 7:21 am


The demo for The BIGS 2 was released yesterday for the 360. No word on when it will be reaching the PS3 but within the next couple Thursdays would be likely. The demo features a three inning game between the AL and NL All-Stars as well as Home Run Pinball in the Vegas venue.

Coming off The BIGS, one of my favorite sports games of this generation, hopes are high for the sequel. Just some initial impressions from the short time playing it so far the first being the ingenious strategical elements are still prevalent. I really appreciate how you can go at the games, and each individual pitch, so many different ways and nothing about it is frustrating unlike other arcade style games. The “Legendary” tag is a nice addition giving those fielders special abilities which I saw right away when the NL catcher jumped high into the air and onto the dugout to attempt to catch a foul ball. What I liked is they don’t always make those catches but they have a shot at them. The one thing I’m not really a fan of is the zoomed in camera which is just too tight in on the action. Since it follows the ball, which is thrown at laser speed, it is difficult to track what is happening and you miss some of the impact of all the action that is taking place.

Continue on to view the two videos I’ve captured thus far showing off the HR Pinball and a three inning game. Leave your impressions of the demo or videos in the comments!