Teambuilder Hits 100K

Posted June 30th, 2009 at 11:43 am


EA Sports announced today that over 100,000 teams have been created on the Teambuilder website for NCAA Football 10. Currently I’m working on my Transformers themed team and the community based Pastapadre Ninjas have already taken shape. I just recently started playing around with it and was surprised by how user-friendly the process is while still offering a great amount of options and depth.

From a business standpoint Teambuilder is likely to be a huge success and this milestone is a sign of that. Consumers who become invested in the game from creating teams are almost certainly going to buy NCAA. It provides a lot to look forward to for not only those who have made their own but also for the ability to download ones created by others. In a rough build-up to the NCAA release Teambuilder has been and looks to continue to be the bright spot.