Upcoming NCAA Football 10 Online Dynasties

Posted July 2nd, 2009 at 3:30 pm


Last year we had a successful online dynasty which was very enjoyable and allowed me to post occasional updates to the site on its progress. That will happen again this year but with more availability because there will be multiple ongoing site related dynasties. Here are the details on them and how to sign-up if you are interested in participating.

PP Online Dynasty – Teambuilder Commish: Pastapadre

Similar in structure to last year this will be a full 12 user controlled teams in a multi-year fast paced dynasty on the 360. Advancement will be made every three days or earlier if all tasks are completed. This dynasty will include personalized Teambuilder teams that will replace teams currently in the game. In order to keep things moving at a consistent pace there will be no conferences with more than two user controlled teams and to keep balance the rosters taken on/team replaced may be semi-restricted to eliminate the most powerful ones. Sign-ups are taken in the forum where the dynasty will be run on a daily basis with semi-regular updates being posted to the site.

PP Online Dynasty – Traditional Commish: Jerkfacefave

The same setup applies as the Teambuilder dynasty but with regular teams included. Sign-ups are taken in the forum where the dynasty will be run on a daily basis.

The Big 10 Network Commish: Fred

This is the second year of the Big 10 dynasty. All the Big 10 teams will be user controlled meaning there is more planning in order to arranged those head-to-head games. Advancement will occur on a weekly basis. Consistent forum activity and game recaps are required. Sign-up here in the forum.

PS3 Online Dynasty Commish: Hustlin Owl

This represents the PS3 dynasty being run in the forums. This dynasty has more guidelines than the others which should be reviewed beforehand. All the information and sign-ups can be found here in the dynasty’s forum.

Community Site Online Dynasty

The Pastapadre Ninjas will be going up against other websites in an online dynasty for each system. Sites include ncaaStrategies, 5wgaming, BackNineBlog, Stick Skills, Who Needs Rules, and more. I will be needing someone to represent the site on the PS3 side as I’ll be playing in the 360 one. If you are interested let me know but understand I’ll be selecting someone who I already know is reliable. Updates will be made on the site as to the progress of the OD which will just be a single season.