The BIGS 2 Hard Drive Performance Evaluation

Posted July 9th, 2009 at 1:25 pm


As I have been doing with the latest releases the first thing I compare on a new game is the performance differences on the 360 when running the game from the disc vs installed to the hard drive. Once again it’s important to reiterate that loading time is not the only benefit of installing to the hard drive. The console runs quiet and cool because it isn’t working constantly reading off the disc. Continue on for the results with The BIGS 2.

Install time- 10:11 (the longest I’ve seen so far)
Install size- 6.8 GB (the largest I’ve seen so far)

Loading Times
Boot to menu screen– Disc 32 seconds vs HDD 23 seconds (9 seconds)
Load to game of “Play Ball”– Disc 23 seconds vs HDD 15 seconds (8 seconds)
Load out of “Play Ball” back to menu– Disc 4 seconds vs HDD 3 seconds (1 second)
Load to “Home Run Pinball”– Disc 15 seconds vs HDD 10 seconds (5 seconds)
Load to mini game– Disc 17 seconds vs HDD 12 seconds (5 seconds)

These are some pretty solid differences. While the loading didn’t seem extreme from the disc there is a clear advantage when playing it off the hard drive. Over time those seconds can really add up.