Padre Road to Glory: Part Three

Posted July 18th, 2009 at 8:17 am


Moving forward in Road to Glory it was time to gear up for college football. It would not be an easy start of the season for SJSU going up against USC on the road and Utah at home. Padre hoped to make an impact and help the Spartans pull off an upset.

In the previous updated I mentioned the practices and how they remain frustrating for the positions that don’t get much opportunity in them. Because of that I’m back to just simming them. The evening events appear to be similar (library, gym, study playbook, visit trainer). Your player gets an increase in attributes based on which is chosen. Going to the gym could add strength, speed, jump. The library would raise GPA and stamina, the trainer can help stamina and injury resistance. Studying the playbook adds playbook awareness. There are moreĀ  that could be affected or may not from case to case. Also consider that you can lose points for choosing one over the other. If you keep going to the gym your awareness could drop.

SJSU (0-0) @ USC (0-0)


The team held tough for a quarter anyway. SJSU jumped out to a 7-0 lead and held that in to the second quarter. However USC woke up and quickly ended any hope that the team had. They scored 21 in the second and 35 consecutive. As the nickle back Padre was on the field mostly on 3rd down and passing situations and for a lot of punt and kick coverages. I appreciate the ability to sim each individual play if you don’t want to participate in it. I’m able to skip those coverage plays which are boring. I can see how that would be beneficial for other positions when plays come up that would be more tedious than fun.

Padre finished with just four tackles in his first collegiate game.

SJSU vs USC (L) 42-14

Utah (1-0) @ SJSU (0-1)


This was a game that going in felt like it could be a win especially if Padre could make a big play. That happened in the first quarter when a big hit forced a fumble which was returned by a teammate for a TD. Even though it feels like the main way to make a play as a CB is to come up and get a tackle on passes dumped underneath to other receivers and backs when that opportunity comes and you can make an impact play it is a very satisfying feeling.

They really need to allow your guy to celebrate big plays. On that forced fumble right after the teammate scored the TD it went right back to the play call screen. Took a lot of the excitement out of it. Why not let the players celebrate big plays like that, it would extend the experience and be a lot more enjoyable. The game feels stale with all of that cut out. This mode is supposed to be all about the player’s perspective and not having celebrations certainly limits that feeling.

In the second quarter Padre got the chance to rush the QB and came away with his first career sack. With an offense that wasn’t producing it was the defense keeping the team in the game with a halftime score that had Utah up 14-10.

A TD in the 3rd put SJSU ahead 17-14 but Utah answered early in the 4th on a pretty pass to the corner of the end zone gave them the 21-17 lead. The Spartans just couldn’t put a drive together to come away with the victory and then Utah put the game away with a TD with under a minute remaining.

Padre was named the Russell Player of the Game coming away with 8 tackles (one for less), a sack, and a forced fumble. Easily it was the most active performance as he was on the field a lot more than in the USC game.

Utah @ SJSU (L) 28-17

The next update will consist of a recap of the remainder of the first season! Hopefully there will be more coverage of Padre from Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit that happen throughout the year and not just at the end/beginning.