NBA Live 10 Presentation Blog

Posted July 31st, 2009 at 7:21 pm


The weekly series of blogs for NBA Live 10 continues with a focus this time around on upgrades to the presentation.  Several areas are touched on including playoff atmosphere, authentic sounds, new replays, removal of cut scenes, and storylines in dynasty mode. Click here to head over and read through the full posting which includes videos of real life examples that can be expected in the game.

Presentation was a big focus for us this year and encompassed a lot of different things: The broadcast look (overlays, screen wipes, replays).  The broadcast sound (Marv Albert and Steve Kerr).  The arena life (crowd, bench players, referees, dance teams and cheerleaders).  The arena sounds (crowds, PA announcers, sound effects and ditties).  And, stoppages in play (player emotions and reactions, player interactions).  Our goal was to make every game unique and authentic this year by taking all of these into account.  In addition, we wanted to make sure the regular season was different than the playoffs.