NBA Live 10 Passing Controls

Posted August 28th, 2009 at 10:48 am

This week’s blog posting for NBA Live 10 details the changes made to the passing controls. More than just refining the directional passing two new features have been added. Those are Direct Pass Receiver Control and Freestyle Passing. The blog goes over those in detail and there is a tutorial video included as well. You can check it all out here.

Everyone just expects to be able to get the ball from one player to another with as little frustration as possible.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  It seems like every year people complain about “directional passing,” saying that their passes are getting thrown to a different player than the guy they’re pointing at.  We spent quite a bit of time working on the directional passing logic and re-tuning the system to accommodate the tendencies of different people.

Both of the new additions sound intriguing but passing is so much based on feel that it is difficult to know how well they’ll fit in and how much they’ll be utilized within the normal flow of a game. With the demo less than two weeks away (9/10) it won’t be long until everyone can examine the changes to passing and start to make those determinations for themselves.