Madden 10 Patch #1 Details

Posted September 9th, 2009 at 11:40 am


The details of the first patch for Madden 10 are now out thanks to a FAQ video posted by Ian Cummings on the Inside EA Blog. The patch is currently in certification and could be out as early as next week. The second patch which will be more concentrated on gameplay feedback is currently in the works.

This first patch is even more significant in that it has addressed some areas that normally wouldn’t have been in a release day patch as well as adding new content with the inclusion of the broadcast camera angle. I’m definitely most excited to finally play without the concern of holding on field goals which has cost me points, victories, and unneeded stress!

Continue on to read the list of fixes and additions includes in the first patch for Madden 10 and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Added Super Bowl and Playoff field conditions in Online Franchise
  • Fixed false start griefing issue with online games
  • Fixed video player issues (sometimes video would hang) in Online area
  • Improved quality of uploaded video highlights
  • Switched ranked online games to seven minute quarters
  • Random stability fixes
  • Added broadcast camera
  • Tuned slider effectiveness
  • Made fatigue affect ratings more
  • Tuned broken tackle chances
  • Reduced/removed holding on kick attempts
  • Improved-toe drag catch logic
  • General pursuit improvements
  • Man coverage improvements
  • Fixed double pass online exploit