Hockey Games Experiencing Freeze Issues

Posted September 16th, 2009 at 3:16 pm


Both NHL 10 and NHL 2K10 released yesterday and reports have been coming in of freezing issues with both. Various forums have posts from users who are having their games crash. For NHL 10 problems seem to be occurring in random places within games as well as during menu navigation or while in lobbies. NHL 2K10 sees the freeze happen primarily on face-offs when the ref does not drop the puck and users have yet to be able to narrow down the possible circumstances that could be causing it.

How widespread these issues may be is very difficult to assess. For both games the reports represent a small percentage of users within the forums. There has yet to be any sort of rush of people who normally don’t visit the forums as they seek out an answer to a freezing problem they are experiencing. That may be an indication that the problems are happening only sparingly and as with most games there are usually initial hiccups for a handful of people that relate to the hardware instead. Still for anyone who encounters a freeze it would be very frustrating and if it happens frequently would render the game essentially useless.

EA Sports has not directly stated that it was responsible for the issues, but they have noted that the online servers were overloaded on the first day due to higher than expected demand and have been fixed. Given that the freezes were being seen in different areas of the game having the connection fail could potentially explain that. So if you had freezes yesterday and everything is fine today post about it in the comments. 2K Sports has not made any statement about addressing the freezing problems their consumers are having. I will update this posting as soon as any new details are made available.