NBA 2K10 Player Ratings

Posted September 24th, 2009 at 9:50 pm


Operation Sports has posted up screenshots that display all the player ratings in NBA 2K10. As mentioned in the earlier article about Kevin Durant, expect some strong reactions as they will appear to be very low outside of the superstars. You can check out and comb through the wide array of screenshots at OS here and below I’ve listed some notable names and their overall ratings and continue on for more. Please note this is not the full list of players in order just some of the names that people might be most interested in seeing.

Kobe Bryant 97
Lebron James 96
Dwyane Wade 96
Chris Paul 94

Kevin Garnett 89
Deron Williams 89
Dwight Howard 89
Carmelo Anthony 88
Tim Duncan 88
Rajon Rondo 87
Brandon Roy 87
Devin Harris 86
Chauncey Billups 85
Andre Iguodala 84
Danny Granger 84
Tony Parker 84
Chris Bosh 84
Al Jefferson 84
Gilbert Arenas 84
Joe Johnson 83
Dirk Nowitzki 83
Kevin Durant 82
Amare Stoudemire 82
Baron Davis 82
Shaquille O’Neal 81
Stephen Jackson 81
Derek Rose 80
Jason Kidd 80
Steve Nash 80
Gerald Wallace 78
Tayshaun Prince 77
Tracy McGrady 77
Richard Jefferson 76
Michael Redd 76
Rashard Lewis 75
Greg Oden 74