NCAA Football 10 Patch #3 Released

Posted September 30th, 2009 at 8:41 am


In an unexpected development EA Sports has released a third patch for NCAA Football 10. It is rare to see more than two patches released for any game because Microsoft and Sony charge a significant sum for each patch after the first two. In the case of NCAA Football 10 putting out a third was a welcome positive gesture considering some of the problems people have had with the game this year. Though for many people it will have been to late to make a difference.

This patch addressed the player progression issue that was resulting in an inordinate number of highly rated players in Dynasty mode. That was inexplicably not included with the previous patch but after some time they were apparently able to come up with a solution for it to push it out now. Also included is a fix for a desync issue where people were experiencing disconnects in Online Dynasty if they entered a different mode before playing their game.