Week Four Ratings Change Suggestions

Posted October 6th, 2009 at 10:42 am


We’re now through a full quarter of the NFL season and at this point players have had ample opportunity to display whether they are playing at a level worthy of a ratings increase or that they aren’t living up to their current ratings and deserve to drop. With the next roster update for Madden 10 coming later this week here again is an opportunity to let your thoughts be known on what players should see adjustments.

Certainly Steve Smith of the Giants is at the top of the list of players that are severely underrated. Smith leads the league in receptions, yards, and touchdowns yet he is still rated only an 81. He should see a significant bump that better represents his emergence as a #1 receiver. Elvis Dumervil for the Broncos is tied for the league lead in sacks with eight but is rated only an 81.

The other end of things has Terrell Owens who needs to drop further, the one point he lost in the last update was not nearly enough. A receiver with a 90 rating should have more than eight catches through four games. LaDainian Tomlinson has been slowly inching downwards since the middle of last year but there seems to be some hesitance to slide him to where he really should be. On the season he has 20 carries for 70 yards yet is still rated a 92.  Also the whole Packers offensive line is in shambles so there could be some changes made there.

The moves that occurred too late to make the last update such as Chad Pennington to the IR and Jeff Garcia having been cut will be included this week. Feel free to leave your thoughts on what players should see an upgrade or downgrade in the upcoming roster update.